Hello there! I'm Merlin, Arthur Pendragon's manservant. If there's anything you need, I'm here to help. Unless of course I'm busy with jobs but I'll be sure to make some time for you!

(Independent Merlin RPer.
I'll do all seasons, even a modern Merlin but I'd like to keep to the normal Merlin
I follow the tag 'happytobeyourservant')

Current M!A: None
Magic itself
Asafia was walking in her woods when she suddenly realized she wasn't in Fantasia anymore. "Damn." She said quietly, she must have walked through a timerip. "Hey! Can you tell me where I am? I think I'm lost."

It was that time of day again, stuck with the task of gathering herbs. A favourite task of his! Not. He grumbled to himself as he picked at the herbs he needed when he heard the call, a frown forming on his features. Someone else was in the woods? Curiously, he went to investigate, seeing a figure in the distance. “Hello?” He called back, a little cautious of who it might be but then again, an enemy wouldn’t call out like that.