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Across the stars| Sif & Merlin


They had descended to earth upon orders from Odin. Something big was happening on Midgard and so much magic was involved it was possible it could unbalance the nice realms. They landed moments before they were separated by a blast causing the group to split up.

The feeling hit her almost instantly. The feeling of bloodshed and death and the glory of battle. It ran through her like energy, fueling her strength. In battle almost none were stronger than she. 

Sif didn’t recognise where she was. It was hard to recognise the realm when it was so strikingly different every time they landed. She moved swiftly, helping families out of trapped buildings, moving others to safely. She’d yet to see what they were up against but that didn’t matter. 

Suddenly there was a roar and Sif narrowly missed being hit by someone who was thrown past her. Sif turned her head in the direction of the roar and realised what they were up against. Trolls. She sighed and went to unsheath her sword while glancing over at the person who had been thrown.

She blinked. “Merlin!” She rushed to his side but the young man was unconscious and the troll was still approaching  By the sounds of it a group of them had fallen through the branches of the world tree and landed on Midgard.

Sif pulled out her sword and ran towards the troll. Now Trolls were big but they were slow. Sif managed to climb up the side of a nearby building and jump onto the Trolls back. She swung her sword around it’s neck, catching the end of the blade and pulled, hard. The blade sliced through the trolls neck making the head seperate from the body and the troll fall to the ground. 

Sif landed with a thud and sheathed her blade as she rushed back to the young sorcerer. “Merlin?” She took her water which was laces with healing magic and poured a little past his lips. She waited, covered in Troll blood and grime.

When he coughed she sighed in relief, till that point he had been far too quiet. His eyes opened and she smiled at him. “You need to be more careful Merlin, I can’t save you all the time.”

When trolls had started appearing, Merlin had been merely wandering aimlessly through the city, taking his morning walk to stretch his legs and get some fresh air. The moment he had seen them, he knew he had to do something before they killed innocent people and destroyed buildings, which they were already starting to do.

Being in this time and era, he no longer had to worry about using his magic so openly; things had changed so much from his home century. There were even organisations and people who had powers, special abilities which most people actually relied on. Even though Merlin was not one of them, he would protect people none the less. He felt it was his duty to do so.

It had gone so well, he had managed to take out a few and keep the fleeing people safe however one had thundered his way up behind him and taken him by surprise. A forceful sweep of it’s giant arm crashing into the warlock and sent him flying aside into a building, head hitting the bricks hard as his body fell limply. Unaware of what was happening around him, he subconsciously hoped that he would not be crushed to death by the big creatures.

A wet liquid slid down his throat and woke him from his slumber, coughing a little as he had not expected nor drunk it properly and opened his eyes to see the blurry image of Sif. It was not hard to figure out who it was. He gave her a weak smile, vision clearing. “Maybe I like having a queen in shining armor save me.” He teased lightly, mumbling and groaned a little as he pushed himself to his up, his back and side aching but he’d live. “Didn’t think I’d see you here.” He commented, a little confused as to why she was here but he wasn’t complaining. “Good to see you anyways.” He was thankful of her help. Without her, who knew what mess he’d be in right now.